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Analytics and Insights

Hedwell offers data analytics services for Insurtech and Fintech companies and consulting sessions with ERP/SAP experts. Be more productive, reduce operational costs and unearth new sources of revenue, previously hidden by incomprehensible data.


How can you benefit from working with Hedwell


Assess your data needs

Evaluation of your needs and the ways you want to use the data to get the most relevant information.​


Gain insights

Design of the right model to enable data extraction, enrichment, and calculations for better decision making, improved efficiency, and bigger business value.


Get governance

The right guidance to help you define and factor data ownership, privacy, and security issues into your data strategy. Never second-guess your decisions anymore.


Consolidate data

Outline the ideal data sourcing and collection strategy that’s useful to your business.


Explore technology

Extensive experience in current SAP analytics tools and technologies to support your technical infrastructure.

Turn your data into profitable and productivity-improving insights.

Harness the power of your business goldmine – your data. Increase productivity, lower operational costs,
all without sacrificing the quality of output.

Our Technology Suite

Read about the technologies we used in the past to achieve strategic analytics goals.

Reporting, analysis, and interpretation of business data are crucial for process optimization and quick reaction to market needs. SAP Business Warehouse (SAP BW) provides a high-performance infrastructure, tools, and functions for data evaluation and interpretation. Decision-makers use these insights to make well-founded decisions and react efficiently.

Our team has worked on multiple data integration projects which combined SAP HANA and SAP BW. Talk to us to learn how these technologies can be used to your advantage – including master data management, data validation and cleansing, custom derivations and mapping rules, and other relevant topics.

SAP PaPM has quickly become one of the fastest-selling SAP Products – and for a good reason. The tool enables you to easily define logical steps on top of your data to perform calculations, allocations and get the information you need.

Our team has worked in SAP PaPM since its release in 2016 when the product was still known as SAP FS-PER. Thanks to participation in the product development stage, our experts have deep insights on how to use it as a powerful calculation platform.

We bring in years of experience in building data processing solutions in SAP HANA. This includes data storage and complex transformations while creating landscapes able to sustain massive data volumes.

As SAP HANA is the crucial component in any integrated reporting or data processing system, our experts can connect it to your other tools. It represents a base lean enough to run fast, as well as strong enough to withhold vast amounts of customer information.

Smart reporting, predictive insights, and user-friendly design meet the cloud. SAP Analytics Cloud presents data in different formats and helps you discover patterns and use them to make accurate business decisions. Most commonly used on top of SAP HANA or SAP BW, this tool is a perfect way to manage your data better.


Speed up your data journey


Improved Data Collection


Effective Process Automation


Practical Visualization of Data


Detailed Performance Analysis


Increased Reporting Efficiency


Quick Validation and Data Control

Digitally transform your organization.

Get valuable business insights, IT consulting sessions, or a new software solution for your Insurtech/Fintech company.