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Application Maintenance and Support

Application Management Services (AMS) are a critical and often a substantial part of your IT Budget. With it, you maintain, manage changes, and seamlessly improve your IT Landscape. 

That’s why it’s important to choose a reliable partner to support you through all the aspects of it while avoiding all the known roadblocks.

Three AMS Models

Generally, organizations choose one of the three AMS models.



An in-house IT team takes care of Business As Usual(BAU) support and maintenance activities. The vendor is engaged for expert support and to augment additional capacity, mostly on-demand basis.


Managed services

Outsourcing IT operations to vendors. In-house IT performs vendor management and acts as custodian of change requests.



Mix of both. Depending upon in-house IT capabilities and priorities, some functions are managed internally while others are outsourced.

Understanding your needs before consulting

There are various factors that influence the decision of choosing the AMS model like: geographical location, availability of talents and skills in the market, labor cost, company’s focus area, IT needs, etc.

At Hedwell, we put a huge effort into understanding your expectations, but also capabilities

As a result, you’ll get solutions that increase your efficiency while reducing the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for application maintenance.

Core Pillars of Efficient AMS Services


Business as Usual

Ensuring business continuity without interruption while the maintenance is in progress.


Continuous Improvement

Ensuring that the system features are modernized constantly.


Learning and Enablement

Continuous training and enablement to keep IT and operations up to date with the software know-how.


Quality Assurance

A holistic quality assurance program to proactively identify and prevent future software issues.


Cost of Ownership

Continuous monitoring and reduction of the cost of ownership on a year-on-year basis.

Leave your AMS to professionals

while you focus on doing your core business.