Business Consulting

Technology, market shifts, and regulations disrupt the financial industry every day. You have to adapt quickly or lose your place on the market.

At Hedwell, we identify these disruption markers in advance, help you navigate through the challenges, and provide transformation strategies to keep you consistently ahead of the curve.


For your business to evolve, you need to constantly undergo business transformation.

At Hedwell, we have experts with more than 10-years of experience to help you handle this journey.

Business Processes

Relying on our rich experience in designing industry-standard processes, we help you align your business processes with strategic goals and reach results faster.


Process Flow Design

Designing industry standard and best practice-driven processes.


Process Reengineering

Redesigning core business processes for improving overall efficiency, quality and minimizing costs.


Process Optimization

Adapting changes to an existing process for minimizing complexity & cost and maximizing efficiency by removing redundancies and streamlining workflows.


Defining Target Operating Model

Defining processes for specific market segments and aligning them with strategic objectives.

Enterprise Architecture

Your departments get used to certain tech. However, with time, tech gets outdated. 

Using outdated technology is quite expensive (and not safe) – from unoptimized processes that waste your budget, to huge maintenance costs. 

We help you define your Enterprise Architecture and optimize the IT landscape, so you can keep your technology stack up to date while protecting the budget from hidden leaks.


Business and Application Architecture Design

This service entails a listing of business functions, identifying dependencies among applications, highlighting redundancy, duplication, and inaccuracies.


Data Architecture

Developing Entity Relationship Diagram for To-Be Architecture to achieve perfect logical structure.


Technology Architecture

Evaluating Hardware and Software Sizing and Reviewing Performance for optimized budget spending.


Risk Identification and Mitigation Strategies

Describing the Risks in Detail, listing down the pros and cons of different Risk Mitigation strategies for smarter decision making.


Vendor and Application Evaluation in Insurance Domain

Evaluating applications and providing you with a detailed cost-benefit analysis for meeting your future business goals, while factoring in technology capability, scalability, maintainability, performance, and user experience.

Data Modelling & Design

Data is GOLD, but this GOLD is meaningless unless you mine it, polish, and present it properly. 

Our data modelers help you devise strategies for managing data with suitable tools, allowing you to make use of your data to its maximum.


Data Governance

Creating a framework for collection, management, authorization, audit, and storage, so everything runs without bottlenecks


Data Modelling

Analysing, Designing, Developing, Testing and Maintaining your Data, thus making your management process consistent and predictable.


Data Lake

Creating a centralized repository to store all structured and unstructured data, and running real-time analytics and machine learning for better insights and more precise decision making.

Having a business consultant is like having an unbiased,
personal coach every step of the way.

Structure your business processes so they run smoothly, make a strong enterprise architecture, and harness the full power of your data.

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Andreas Thulke

Managing Director, Hedwell Group Germany

Andreas Thulke is responsible for the strategic development of the Hedwell Group Germany. He brings in years of experience in organizational consulting, software integration, and project management, combined with a passion to solve complex business challenges. 

Before the foundation of the Hedwell Group, he was working as an Account Director and Country Manager at a large global IT consulting firm. 

Andreas loves good challenges, and starting Hedwell is his favorite, as he can use all his skills to guide Hedwell’s success. In his free time, he chases finish lines as a runner and triathlete, since delicious food forces him to work out.