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Cross-industry Solutions

Every industry has its own set of challenges and one thing in common: with the constant increase of customer insights and frequency of financial transactions, having the right data at the right time is the decisive edge.

But data without precise analytics and deep insights are just noise. Regardless of your industry, we help you streamline your cost allocation, complex calculations, and performance management, as well as improve data warehousing and reporting.


The most relevant use cases of SAP PaPM applications

supported by SAP HANA, BW, and Analytics Cloud in providing end-to-end solutions 

Profitability and Performance Management

Optimize profitability and cost in different business dimensions (product, service, channel, customer, and other) and gain insights into hidden profit and cost elements across key business areas.

Value Chain Sustainability​

Optimize integration of environmentally and economically sound choices into your company's processes, products, and services

Finance and Investment Sustainability Management

Introduce Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) based calculations and make responsible investment decisions.

Agile Plan and Forecast Modeling

Apply strategic and operational drivers in various predictive and stochastic models to determine the forecast and planning results powered by SAP Analytics Cloud.​

IT Cost Management

Determine activity-based costing rules, enhance cost transparency, and simplify management of IT finances, assets, and services.

Process Mining on SAP S/4HANA​

Introduce transparency into operations and lower the complexity of S/4HANA migration.​

Operational Transfer Prices

Build a framework to properly manage transfer pricing data, processes, and governance between different entities. ​​

Tax Calculation and Reporting​

Streamline calculations, analysis, and reporting in real-time process with improved control and transparency of tax data.​


Each business sector has its specific dimensions, however, you can similarly use them all to get the most out of SAP PaPM. 

See industry examples and understand how these tools can be used to increase your profitability and achieve a faster return on investment.


Optimize profitability and minimize costs at the route level while focusing on the most sensitive expenses such as labor, maintenance, and fuel costs.


Compare planned and actual data, run complex interest and reserves calculations, and streamline the P&L balancing. Maximize profitability while minimizing the costs of different business divisions and regions.


Analyze and minimize production costs of parts sold both individually and used in vehicles. Create insights into how business drivers influence the expected financial outcome.


Gain deep insights on granular revenue and cost information at the process, service, channel, or customer level.


Allocations to products, channel, store, and customer level show profitability on the lowest granularity level with actual and forecasted data and concrete business drivers, depending on collections, age, or gender.

Oil and Gas

Two areas: upstream that focuses on the extraction of crude oil and natural gas, and the refining, trading, and distribution in downstream business units, using standard activity-based costing methodology.

Public sector

Let's make sense of your data, get deeper insights, and help you discover hidden profits.

Completely industry-agnostic.