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The insurance industry faces disruptions from many market players as we speak. It’s essential to keep pace with all the changes.

With Hedwell, your insurance company will be able to overcome technical obstacles, modernize platforms and automate traditional processes. 

Welcome to the future of insurance.


We help all types of insurers digitalize their entire landscape.

Transforming both customer experience and base processes is a significant investment.

  • In terms of CX, the focus shifts to rewarding desirable behavior, acting fast in times of need and being there for loyal customers – while reducing the costs to a minimum.
  • In terms of base processes, it’s about automating, delivering faster and smoother, and having greater control, while keeping the budget in check.

We cover the full landscape – from policy and claim management to general ledger accounting and reporting.

Health and Life

Create simple, flexible, and attractive products that match customer needs. Step away from the traditional “assess and service” insurance model and shift towards the “prescribe and prevent” concept. Offer cross-LoB products and services to align with customers’ lifestyle preferences.

Property and Casualty

Create new opportunities for insurers by introducing smart home devices. Offer property insurance personalization based on safety and energy efficiency. Innovate with cyber insurance and advanced analytics.


Support all LoB and types of Reinsurance contracts while automating the calculation and processing of premiums, reserves, and claims.


Embrace the new reality – Mobility insurance. Build a framework around core insurance processes that allows you to identify high-risk customers and tailor the price. Leverage the “pay as you drive” insurance model, and reduce claim expenditure via optimized risk selection.


Expand the business by increasing the network of clients and offering options of deferred payments, while maintaining risk management standards and ensuring insurance coverage. Increase certainty of the collection in case of the receivables from export or domestic businesses.


Ensure flexibility in the pension system to speed up the addition of new products. Adapt to changing regulations in different countries, and provide a customer-centric solution that can easily be enhanced with riders.

Regulatory Changes - what do they bring and how to comply?

Our team follows a templated approach with pre-made use cases. This allows us to quickly integrate changes into the customer landscape. We focus on getting the right data from your operational and actuarial system, with significantly less time spent on the baseline configuration.


The IASB published an IFRS 17 standard named ‘Insurance Contracts’ in May 2017. The effective date has been postponed and adjusted to accommodate the amendments to the standard and the challenges insurance companies faced during the implementation.

As we approach the new effective date of January 2023, insurers are under pressure to conform to the new, principle-based accounting and reporting model. The standard requires insurance liabilities to be measured under the current, updated assumptions and proposes a standardized representation of finance results.


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