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Life at Hedwell

Hedwell is a synergy of purpose and curiosity. Many companies do the work, but only a few strive to make a long-lasting impact. In our offices, you’ll find teams of ambitious people eager to make a difference and improve every day, either through consulting or tailor-made software.

Inspired by impactful tech and driven by the desire to bring it to every enterprise in the world.

Visit our offices and experience a breeding ground for strong ideas.

People as our core

A blend of solid experience and raw ideas. Every individual brings a unique set of skills to the table, selflessly shares them, and thus multiplies the team’s capabilities. Going the extra mile is never a problem because your peers strive to be a strong support net – both when winning and when meeting inevitable daily challenge.

Environment for growth

At Hedwell, you’ll experience a rewarding environment that brings out the best version of every team member. From a flexible approach to work to all the fancy perks & benefits, private medical care, and social security, you will feel supported and empowered to grow from day one. Your wellbeing is a top priority, and to make sure it stays that way, we invite you to actively participate in modeling the internal atmosphere.

Continuous improvement

By working with the latest technology and following hybrid project methodologies, we stay on top of emerging trends and learn new concepts every day. Being at the forefront is a tough challenge, but the payoff is huge, especially for our clients. It allows us to easily grasp customers’ challenges and quickly come up with the right solution.

Almost limitless opportunities

With time, you’ll find out that Hedwell pushes you to move the boundaries, both personal and professional. You’ll expand your network, work with different cultures, or master a completely different set of skills from what you’re doing right now. You’ll be a mentor or lead a team/project. Being a young organization allows us to test our abilities and try different things. Take your time to grow and find what you’re best at.

Our Team at a Glance

Having a wide portfolio of services means a wide range of job families as well. Well-defined job roles ensure that we’re always on the same page. Take a look at the roles at Hedwell and get to know their responsibilities.


I’m in charge of implementing and adjusting the solution according to specific business needs. My tasks include: delivering demos of the solution; collecting business requirements and translating them into functionalities of the system; creating functional or technical processes; performing different types of tests and enabling clients to use the software.

Project Manager/Product Owner

I have the vision of the product that creates real value for the customer. I enjoy client-facing work and being the primary liaison between the teams and the customers. My tasks usually include: managing the product backlog and prioritizing requirements; overseeing development stages and evaluating progress at every stage; anticipating customer needs and managing the customer relationship.

Software Developer

I’m the one who turns the customer requirements into reality. I work with the rest of the Scrum team to build and implement the desired solution. My focus areas may vary, but in general, my tasks include: writing clean, efficient code; software integration and modification to meet specific business needs; analyzing the requirements, recommending and executing the improvements to the solution.

Solution Architect

I’m in charge of defining the overall design of the solution according to specific business needs. Using a well-balanced mix of technical and business skills, I define a strategic direction of a software product for my clients. My tasks include: identifying the requirements and the most suitable solution to meet the needs of all stakeholders; ensuring the right selection of technology stack and evaluating technological innovations to provide technical leadership.

Software Quality Assurance Manager

My job is to oversee the overall software quality and make sure that the system works like a charm. I do this both by testing the existing features and working with the team to prevent any defects. Some of my day-to-day tasks are: running manual or automated tests to ensure the solution meets all standards; identifying potential problems, conducting analysis and recommending ways to eliminate the risk, and working with development teams to correct the issues and improve processes.

Scrum Master

As a Scrum Master, I help the team solve complex problems adaptively by following Scrum principles and practices. I don’t manage the team but rather help it be self-organizing and constantly improve. I do this by facilitating sprint plannings, reviews, and retrospectives; offering tools and methodologies to manage the product backlog effectively; helping the team identify, address and solve any impediments.

Are you the right fit?

Negotiating a job is a two-way street. During the recruitment process, you’ll share your knowledge, experience, and skills with us. However, we’ll also ask you to share with us your internal values.
Because a programming language might become obsolete. A certificate might lose its value in the business world. But personal qualities and cultural fit are long-lasting.

Let’s talk a bit more about the qualities we seek in every candidate.


Being self-driven is a must.

Your peers will be there to motivate you, celebrate your success, or help you if you fail - but external motivation can only get you so far. You need to have an internal drive to learn, grow, and move forward. You’ll get a strong reward for your efforts. But it’s important to know that we don’t do double promotions nor we cultivate an up-or-out policy.


Being dedicated makes a real difference.

When faced with important deadlines, we will all roll up our sleeves and make it happen. It feels good when you give your best and get the results you aimed for. Of course, it’s not all work and no fun. But at the end of the day, giving your best and achieving results is what counts.


Being honest will make you a part of the team.

We encourage you to talk to your boss and express your opinion. Speak up - we want to know what we can do to improve and make your job more comfortable. We’ll tell you the same back and you need to own it. Open feedback and honesty are cornerstones of our internal culture.

We Are Unique.
We Are Equal.
We Are Hedwell.

Many of the greatest ideas and discoveries come from a diverse mix of minds, backgrounds and experiences, and we are committed to cultivating an inclusive work environment. Here at Hedwell we are free to be who we are. The more diversity we have in our team, the more perspectives and ideas we share and multiply.

Together, we go way ahead!

Now that you know our culture, can you imagine yourself at Hedwell?

We are always on the lookout for talented, self-driven people.
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