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Project Management Consulting

A transformation project usually brings together many experts from different geographies, with different skill sets, and different modular objectives. At the helm, it is the PMO that channels their combined effort into an envisaged outcome. 

We help you meet your project objectives with desired quality, manage diverse teams, mitigate the (un)predictable risks and challenges. All while staying within the scope.


Plan, Run and Review
Your Digital Transformation Project

With help of external PMOs, make your application portfolios more effective, and achieve the full potential of your organization faster.


Outsourced Project Management


Project Assessment & Audit


Project Review & Risk Management Recovery


Implementation Methodology


Agile Methodology Coaching and Training

Project Management Tailored to Your Needs

Whether it’s a sinking project calling for recovery or a greenfield opportunity.

Armed with PMP certifications and decades of experience in leading transformation teams across varied LoB’s in the Insurance verticalwe’ll propose to you some of the broadly known project methodologies.

Or tailor the approach considering challenges specific to your company and strategy.



Iteratively manage your project. Optimize, adjust quickly and deliver faster. Make room to re-evaluate and introduce continuous improvement.   



Get the best of both and optimize according to your project needs. Ensure transparency and progress tracking. Deliver with the highest efficiency. 



Introduce a linear sequential flow that leads to the desired outcome. Ensure a fixed setup with clear responsibilities and goals. Minimize risk and potential changes.

Looking for options to keep track of only specific parts of the project?

Blend of delivery options =
faster go-to-market

We work with your team to maximize the value of your project by offering multiple project delivery options such as 

  1. On-Premise Project Implementation
  2. Managed Services, and
  3. Offshoring delivery models

enabling us to distribute work across geographies to align with your budget and time considerations. 

Get your project done in time and within the scope

Without stress usually involved with bigger projects.


360˚ stakeholder focus

We help you meet the expectations and requirements of all stakeholders involved.


Communication& responsibility

We foster timely, streamlined, and transparent communication. No information is left in the vacuum.


Results with minimum risk

We ask the right questions, make data-driven decisions and achieve goals within the deadlines and budget.


Precise planning

We anticipate roadblocks (and solutions for them), make clear prioritizations, and avoid unnecessary work, thus saving us both time.


Process management

We create an efficient workflow, track the right numbers, and spot every opportunity to simplify things, thus avoiding stress and pressure.

Get the help needed to finally turn the project
from indefinite “In-progress” to “Done”.