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Learn more about the hiring process and get your questions answered

This might be the first step in building a successful and fulfilling career with us. To keep our negotiations smooth, we have documented the process for you to explore.

Here’s what you can expect and what you need to know before and after you apply.

Hiring Process for Graduates

Step 1

Initial CV screening

Step 2

HR Interview

Step 3


Depending on the nature of the role, you’ll have to prepare and present a solution for a programming task or a business use case.

Step 4

Final decision

You’ll get our decision as soon as possible.

Important: every applicant gets an answer.

Due to the global pandemic situation, all our interviews are online. Stay safe.

The hiring process for experienced professionals

The technical part of the process for experienced applicants is different compared to graduates. Based on your previous roles and knowledge, you might not have to do the technical assignment. Still, you will go through an interview with our HR and field-related experts.


Frequently Asked Questions

Positive! You’ll get a mentor and a coach. Your mentor will make sure you get to know the culture and meet the rest of the team. The mentor will guide you through the day-to-day life at the company. Your coach will be in charge of bringing you the technical knowledge and the two of them together will set up an enablement plan for your starting period. We have a full training catalog that we conduct both internally and externally. So no worries, you’re in good hands.

It depends.

After the initial onboarding and the enablement period, we try to position you into a project as soon as possible. There are always internal initiatives where we need an extra pair of hands. However, being on the bench doesn’t mean you’re not productive. It’s the opposite. You have more time for self-study, especially if you’re completely new to the topic. Since some job families require both business and technical knowledge, it’s a good opportunity to get some extra information before working with a client.

Yes! One of our core values is “Move boundaries”. It means that we like to learn new things, cross-skill, and upskill. Being a T-shaped professional is what makes companies and their professionals stand out. When you feel it’s time to explore a new path, talk to your manager and you will define a plan together.

We are hiring both graduates and experienced professionals. If you have the experience that is relevant to our business  (check “Services” to learn more), feel free to contact us and let us know how your skills can complement ours. If you are a student, stay tuned for our future internship program.

Travel frequency depends on the project location, job family, and the client. Local consulting clients on the same continent or in the same country often ask for weekly Monday-Thursday trips. If your client is on another continent, it can be once in two months, with an extended stay. Some projects, roles, and job families might not require traveling at all. During the selection process, we’ll discuss your travel preferences and see if they fit our setup.

Together with your team lead, you will work on finding out what you want to develop and how to get there. We invest in our people’s growth and support you in becoming the best possible professional.

Of course. Once you become a part of our team, you will learn about the benefits of our friend referral program. We’d be happy if you enjoyed our company so much, that you bring in a friend. Let’s grow our team together!​

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